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November 06, 2007


Ron Coyle


Great stuff. I too feel that I am very guilty of blogging about nothing. I feel that reading through more blogs may actually help me become a better blogger. I think you post is very thought provoking and by far the most insightful and useful to date.


reasonable robinson

This is a really fascinating post, and captures a significant theme that seems to be emerging about the nature of 'blogging', social media and social influence. There seems to be an split developing between those who are 'into' blogging, and those that are 'about' blogging.

I have found the blogging experience to be a mix of 'intrigue', high expectations and utter banality (especially in the areas you describe) of either claims to 'WOW' insights, 'WOW' money making schemes, 'WOW' products, and 'WOW' blogging tips. Even the stuff I post sometimes leaves me having an inner voice saying 'so what!'...and I wonder if it's the realisaton that we ain't as clever interesting, knowledgeable, funny, or smart as we probably first thought that opens a very personal window onto oursleves. That is the one of the key things I feel I have learned from participating in the blog phenomonon.

As a form of social interaction it is very much in it's infancy and I'm sure many of us will revisit it over time and come to new ways of making sense of it as we go.

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