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January 15, 2007



I get really excited at what you call 3rd screen. And I think you're right based on what we're seeing in nations with more advanced wireless technology (Japan, Finland). But that "on demand" ad thing has always been a year away, hasn't it? I literally remember speaking at a conference in 1999 or 2000 and telling people we'd soon get cell phone alerts with GAP special discounts as we passed GAP.


The idea for "on demand" ads has been around for years, but it didn't seem like anyone was willing to make an investment as cell phone users would have to permit the bluetooth transmission. However, with the SMS craze, I think the ability to text for special offers might become more popular. It will be interesting to see if anyone goes this route, but with FOX taking that next step, I think the convesation has been revived. Shoot me an email if you want to talk more about 3rd Screen. I get jazzed up about the possibilities as well!

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