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September 12, 2007


Mack Collier

Kevin I haven't really seen many bloggers doing this lately, but I have heard some bloggers in the past claiming to have high readership numbers, with no links to their traffic or feed-reader stats on their blogs to back this up. But there haven't been many. I think that most bloggers that have been at it for a while quickly realize that traffic is next to meaningless, that making quality connections with your readers is what counts.

BTW thanks for the link!

Shaping Youth

Agree completely with Mack here...If I were to go by heresay from some of these 'you need to partner with us because we can give you exposure' groups (vital for nonprofits like me!) I would've been hosed.

Why? Because they had bogus numbers, zero readers and faulty data collection.

Thank gawd for logic and indie thinking...I've been 'baited' multiple times in that "we're big guys, you're a little guy, come grow with us" line of thinking, only to find out I was the big guy, THEY were the little guys when it came to loyalty, repeat visits, readership, resource value, and yes...even links, hits, and metrics numbers.

Frankly, I'm not sure how much ANY of the ranking bit matters...Even Technorati confuses the heckoutta me because one day I have more links than another (how can you go 'down' in count when your links are going up? weird---Sorry, Dave...explain this to me?)

Anyway, I try to pay ZERO attention to any of it (including those lame 'bloggers choice awards' which are clearly gamed from the get-go).

I prefer to take a Kevin Kostner Field of Dreams approach, "If you build it they will come" by providing quality content with meaningful info.

Eventually the people meant to find you will find you. It's already happened to me once with Stuart Elliott of the New York Times linking to me...quality begets quality. THAT's what matters.

btw, Nice to find your blog! Um..er..It looks like it could be a 'popular' one...;-)

Pop by sometime...Any friend of Mack's is a friend of mine. heehee (we're AOC co-author chums though we've only virtually 'met') Best, ---Amy

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